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Feud & Vendetta in the Italian Renaissance

A Tabletop Skirmish Game for 28mm miniatures 

In the renaissance families like the Medici stood up to seize power. People like Machiavelli wrote books about Utilitarianism and ‘Real-Politik’. Condottieri roamed the Italian landscape searching for fame and fortune. It was a time full of feud and vendettas. Even Shakespeare wrote a piece about love and hate between two families in Verona, the Capulets and the Montagues (better known as Romeo and Juliet). What better time and place to set up a skirmish game?

The rulebook contains the rules for a miniature tabletop skirmish game for 28mm scale miniatures set during the renaissance. It focuses on urban strife. This game can be played with one player. But you might want to add a little competition by playing with more than one player. The intention of the game is to reach your goals as soon as possible.


The Game  

The intention of the game is to reach your scenario goal as quickly as possible. Every round you may have you assassin perform two actions. You may:

Move or run
Shoot at the guards
Fight the guards or thy to disengage them
Hide behind some civilians
Grab the weapon of a defeated guard
Climb a building...
...or jump down a building on an unsuspecting guard!

You may also enter the buildings and walk over the roofs. But be aware: the guards are looking for you and whenever you do suspicions things like climb the outside of a building or engage the guard your detection zone will be extended and more and more guards will close in upon you!


During every round you must draw a card from the “Hand of God” pile. There is a number on it. The player that draws the highest number will start that turn with his actions.

Then read the card and do as it says. The cards represent 'luck' or 'coincidence' or 'the hand of God' if you will. A hidden guard may appear from out of the shadows. You might stumble and fall of a roof. Or you might find a masterwork sword that adds a bonus to your die roll...

Fighting is very simple. You roll a D20 and the guard will roll a D10. The highest score wins. A guard will die immediatly. You will have 10 health points to spend. But when more guards join the fight, they will roll a higher numbered die, a D12 and then a D20. Just like you do. And there are lots of guards in the city!

Shooting works the same (more or less).

Every round you may move ONE guard a few inches in a derection you choose. To get them out of your way, or the harrass your opponent. It's all up to you.

After the assassin(s) have made their actions, the guards will react. They will 'close in' if they are within your detection zone. They will fight you if they can contact you or they might shoot at you.

When all ‘Hand of God’ cards are used, the game ends. So success or failure depends on speed. If you are too slow you will probably not win…


The scenery and models  

I used miniatures from Redoubt Enterprises, Warlord Games, Wargames Foundry and others. Some models are printed with my Wanhao i3 mini 3D printer. The houses are from TTCombat:. But many additions were printer by the 3D printer.


Watch a video of the scenery on youtube: https://youtu.be/NVzJejtUMNc


Watch another video of the scenery on youtube: https://youtu.be/mnx-nt_B87s



Quick Reference  

You can download the quick reference card here.


Where to buy ?

The rulebook L'Assassino can be found here:
(But you will have to build the scenery yourself.)

EditionPublished: 28 September 2018
Language: English
Pages: 24
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Full Color
Weight: 0.1 kg
Dimensions: 14.81cm wide x 20.98cm tall (A5)
Costs: € 10,00


Questions ?

If you have any comments on the rules, suggestions or if anything is unclear in the rules, don't hesitate to mail me.

I hope you enjoin the game as much as I do.

Richard Evers